Zoning Ordnance

Zoning Board

Land use and development within the boundaries of Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport are regulated in accordance with an Airport Zoning Ordinance that has been prepared and adopted pursuant to authorities granted by the Michigan Airport Zoning Act (Act 23 of 1950 Ex. Sess). This authority also extends outside the airport to include height restrictions and air safety lighting requirements for structures located on lands underlying Airport Approach Protection Areas and Aircraft Hazard Areas. While Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport is located within Iosco County, the Aircraft Hazard Area extends into the boundaries of Alcona County. As such, the Airport Joint Zoning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals include representation from both Alcona and Iosco counties.

Airport Joint Zoning Board

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport РJoint Zoning Board serves as the planning and regulatory authority over development and construction within the airport and adjoining Aircraft Hazard Area. 

Airport Joint Zoning Board of Appeals

This Board is empowered to issue certificates of variance under provisions of the Airport Zoning Ordinance. The Airport Joint Zoning Board of Appeals will also hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, rule, regulation, decision or determination made by the Airport Joint Zoning Board, the Zoning Administrator or an interpretation of the Airport Zoning Ordinance. 

Board Members

Annual Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of May at 10:00am at Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport. Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Joint Zoning Board

Carolyn Brummund, Chairman
Leisa Sutton, Vice Chairman
Sheila Phillips
Rick Binkowski
Greg Schulz

Joint Zoning Board of Appeals

Mike Munson, Chairman
Lesia Sutton, Vice Chairman

Zoning Administrators

Jamie Downes, Zoning Administrator 

Zoning Meeting Minutes