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Airport Service Providers

If you’re looking for an aircraft maintenance location that allows taxi-way access for your business — look no further. Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport features 11,800′ x 200′ foot runway with ‘heavy’ aircraft capable taxiways and aprons. Our runway is capable of handling all types of aircraft. It is also equipped with an FAA – ‘Category I’ Instrument Landing System (ILS) which supports landing operations during nearly all weather conditions. A variety of Aircraft ‘Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul’ (MRO) businesses are already sharing this airfield. It is envisioned that additional MRO providers will benefit from joining the cluster and collaboration of MRO service providers — with end-goal being to fully develop Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport as a major ‘full-service’ aircraft maintenance facility.

Comprehensive Aviation Training is committed to providing our customers with the very best in professional flight and ground training. 
Many industry leaders believe that there has been a steady decline in the quality of new pilots over the last few years due mainly to the switch from “stick and rudder skills,” to an emphasis on technology. At many flight schools, EFIS and moving map GPS have replaced good old fashioned flying skills. Click here for more information.

The setting and lifestyle near Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport is unique as compared to other expansive airfield facilities — which are typically located near a large city with associated urban sprawl. Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport is located within the town of Oscoda which is situated between the shoreline of Lake Huron an the Huron National Forest. In adition to its sugar sand Lake Huron beaches, this community also boasts about a variety of nearby inland lakes, rivers, streams and recreation trial systems. As such, outdoor enthusiasts are able to enjoy many types of year-round activities — while working, living and playing in the Oscoda area.